Returning after a concussion

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by cmdr199212

Thanks much! We have our first collegiate race this weekend, so it'll be a tough test to see how I am

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by drchull

Good luck. That will be the real test for the head.

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by makoti

Had a "mild" concussion about two years ago ("mild" means it happened to someone else. ;-)) It took a bit to get the fuzzy feeling out, but it goes away. Being 21 will help, but there really isn't much to do except give it time.

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by cmdr199212

For sure! It's been a bit of a bumpy ride getting confidence back, even though I don't remember what happened, but I'm well on the way. Fuzzy is mostly gone, a few headaches here and there, but overall I feel much better.

Funny thing is, I generally feel much better riding, and I'm loving it more now than ever before!

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by Kermithimself

I had a crash last season that sent me out for almost 2 months before I could ride normally again.

Was unlucky to hit my head in the same spot a couple of months ago, and even though the impact wasn't heavy, it just ripped up the old injury.

The second time it happened I read about taking extra Omega 3 oils as well as magnesium pills. Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory, and since a concussion usually is inflammation in the brain, it will help. Magnesium helps the brain relax, and I've read the people that has migranes usually use magnesium to cope with the pain. It helped me.
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by mallardducks

I've had six concussions from various misfortunes... pay very close attention to your attentiveness as IMO and from experience this is one of the biggest risk factors post concussion. Try to ride as soon as you feel you can but if you don't feel right, queesy or off-balance or oblivious to your surroundings just forget about it. You can get yourself killed through the post-concussion "haze" and obliviousness. If you're riding and you feel sort of loopy or inattentive go home right away! You can always ride on a trainer instead until the fog clears from your brain.

You do need to pay real attention to this as the obliviousness can be a riding in your own world, very pleasant sort of thing. Don't let that fool you.

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