Can a 100 miles a week beat 200 miles p/w? & my new training

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by Zoro

100mile/week is fine for you as a non racer. There is also a talent equation here and not everyone can do the same with the same training. Same as golf. I'm assuming your long rides are under 3 hours/ 50 miles too. You did not give your weight. But 300 Watt for a couple of min is not so high, you need more power.
Watt/kg is often used for comparison and it tends to be higher in lighter riders.

For you sounds as intervals and weights would help the most.

You did not say you were winded, or your legs burned or you ran out of energy. Winded - Intervals. Legs burning - intervals and weights. Ran out of gas...fueling and riding miles.

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by fromtrektocolnago

They are the faster riders because they make that commitment. 100 miles should make you a decent rider, but I don't see it as fully sufficient. Even if you do 150 every 2nd or 3rd week, I think you'll see that it pays dividends. You could also try running mid-week a few miles, which will help on the Cardio despite the fact diferent leg muscles are being used.
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by Zoro

fromtrektocolnago wrote:They are the faster riders because they make that commitment....
Where do you see talent?

For me, I would bet if I made the commitment to golf he does - I would not be as good - at golfing as he is (and I live in the middle of a golf course). Based on his post, 300 watts for 2 min is an indicator that just commitment won't cut it. Bag it - no. But lift some weights, do intervals and he will get better, but likely not as good as those he is just as committed as.

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