Advice to someone starting out to ride full time

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by 4crosswheels

Hi all,
I'm starting to ride full time and Wanted some advice on what you think might help! I have a coach and powermeter and know my body but beyond that any other tips? I'm going to be living in belgium and racing Cyclo cross this winter.

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by jpanspac

Ask your coach. That's what he's there for.
My favorite components are the ones I never have to think about.

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by motormouth

Massages like all the time

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by Zakalwe

Milk is for babies. Real men drink beer.

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Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez
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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

Good luck for the season ahead

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by motormouth

Zakalwe wrote:Milk is for babies. Real men drink beer.

exactly, and beer doesn't chunk up in the waterbottles on the hot days. I think Nuun now markets a sportsbeer(tm) as a 'calorie dense, mood enhancing endurance liquid.'

'It has electrolytes.'

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by kulivontot

What plants crave

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by boots2000

Maximize recovery. Improvement is more about what you can recover from and continued progress.

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by Donkey

Think more closely about your time off the bike/work.

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by Fedral144

I hope to compete in a full series of cyclocross races between October and the middle of January, and then a MTB series between April and August of next year, with maybe some more TT's thrown in. I don't plan to peak for any 1 race, but be mostly competitive throughout the period of races. :welcome:

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