difference between Tacx Fortius and i-Genius

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by Zak


Besides the looks and that the Tacx i-Genius is wireless, what is the difference between the older Tacx Fortius and the new i-Genius? I'm especially interested in differences in the abillity of the brakes to produce realistic climbing feeling and noise level.

by Weenie

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by coppercook62

I have both. Fortius pulsed when i climbed. I genius doesn't. I d get the i genius hands down. The i-genius is quieter as well. The set up on i-genius is easier to set up. The wireless is night and day, you can pair your ant sensors to the i-genius head unit. I probably put about 60-100 miles a week on it in winter.

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by stickinsect

I'd go for the i-Genius if I was you. The wireless system is brilliant and the motor gives a more realistic resistance when climbing (which the I-Vortex doesn't, BTW).

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by zeeshan123

So no one knows? Maybe the chaps and chapesses behind GC could look into explaining this on the Wikipedia link?

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