Help me get 1 hour 40k.

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by Jroe

one of the biggest but most underlooked thing you can do is get REST. sleep well get 10+ hours of sleep. let your body recover. the night before the TT I would get in bed at 8/8330 to be up at 6 AM to race.
Other things you can do - aero helmet, aero bars, aero wheels (zipp,HED,enve) and aero frame will definitely help. get your stem as low as possible where you are comfortable. don't lose comfort or it will be hell. ask me i know. lol

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by mattr

Machinenoise wrote:But realistically I'd expect any UK 2nd cat or above to be able to do a 60 min 25 on road racing equipment.
The difficulty here is how easy or hard it is to get licence categories. When and where i raced there were virtually no evening or winter crit leagues, it was pretty much just road races with the odd crit thrown in. So getting even a second cat required a degree of luck and a good amount of racing (full, 80 rider fields, in most events). Somewhere with access to closed circuits and a full winter league (Hillingdon, Eastway etc) it is (relatively) easy to end up with a second cat licence just from plugging away.
So my experience is that any halfway useful 3rd cat *should* be able to crack the hour.

To add to that, as a 3rd cat I did three "proper" 25s, all on a road bike, none with clip ons. 53, 55 and 57 mins. All on moderately quick courses, one within 3 mins of the fastest rider, the others within 5. (fastest rider being on a full on TT bike of course!)

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by nathanong87

Machinenoise wrote:
mattr wrote:indigo wrote:
This is alledgedly a generic template of what matt botrill (2nd to alex dowsett in the national TT) does for his training, looks like a good base

doesn't hurt that he's got the emma watson of TT positions

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by mattr

Yeah, he is a bit of a beast.

Looks like Father Jack after a couple of beers though......

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by ichobi

I had that .gif saved and watch it very so often!

Thanks everyone for the help. This has turned out to be a very fun project. Force me to explore every avenue of cycling performance. Mental, Physical, equipments, diet and the list goes on!

Update on the rig I will be using. Building up a Parlee Z5i next month. Not at all an aero road bike, but will be my only bike. Though I will go with the S-Works Aerofly handlebar. Rotor Flow with aero Q-Rings


Also will be using a borrowed Zipp 404+808. S-Works Evade helmet, shoes cover and skin suit and doing Retul fitting one more time to get the most comfortable aero position.

As for training, now it's the mix of SST and twice 2x20 per week, throw in some endurance ride and Z5 intervals. Pretty standard stuff. The added benefit of doing TT training is I also climb a lot better! Did the Rapha Gentlemen's Race Thailand last weekend and got to climb 3200m with some VERY VERY steep sections which I never thought I'd be able to do prior.


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