Dizzy when running slow

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by padde


I am a cyclist (cat3 racer) who enjoys the occasional run (once a week usually). But sometimes I get dizzy when I run slow pace (5:00-5:30 min/km) after 10-15 mins; lightheadedness, white spots on the eyes, etc. Funny enough, I have never experienced this during my fast paced runs (I can do sub 19 min for 5,000 meters).

Has anyone experienced something similar and can give me advice to what this might be?
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by Flyfishing3

i don't know the answer why, but my friend gets that while running in cold/colder conditions.

i'd be curious if that relates to you as well.

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by padde

That is interesting, I never made that connection before. It is certainly cold right now. But I cannot verify because I don't remember for sure if I'd ever had this during Summer.

My own naiive idea would be that I bounce more when running slow which causes head motion. But I have not been able to verify this either, unfortunately.

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by joestralia

Vertigo? Which may be related to a problem with the inner ear. Another would be postural hypotension; in which case you should drink a lot of fluids before your run.

But please, this is not meant to diagnose a problem. See a Doctor!

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by hitball11a

I'm looking at getting a home trainer, since there's a long period with shitty weather every year. Last year's round of crap weather almost destroyed my winter (steel) road bike. I haven't got it fixed yet

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by 53x12

Run fast then. Problem solved. :)
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