Speedplay cleat alignment issue

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by hillierious

Hi Guys,

I'm really trying to dial in the fit on my shoes. My left foot points relatively straight forward which makes alignment really easy. However on my right foot, it points out quite a lot ( to the point that I graze my heel on the crankarm frequently). Do you guys know what one would usually do in this scenario (add pedal spacers, lengthen the spindle in that pedal, etc.) to get the required range of motion necessary to alleviate the alignment issues I'm experiencing? I have very wide feet (E-width at least) and I'm using Speedplay Zero stainless pedals (which I thought would give a lot of wiggle room - but I need more!).

Any help would be appreciated - Thanks!

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by Juanmoretime

A pedal washer is common but I would not go beyond that for safety reasons. Pedals are designed to have so many treads into the crank arm and few threads can cause a stress area in the crank that could lead to a failure.

If you need more space Speedplay makes different spindle lengths so I would contact them for suggestions to what might work best or even a good fitter should be able to help too.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

maybe whatever is causing your foot to sit like this won't allow it, but what about moving the cleat inboard as far as possible (ie your shoe is further away), and a bit of a tweak with the limit screw to restrict "heels in"?

just a thought...
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by Rick

Speedplay has longer spindles available. Check the website.

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by hillierious

Thanks for these tips

Re: the "heels-in" adjustment screw - I actually need it dialed back all the way to allow my foot to track properly so dialing it in to limit that range of motion would cause knee soreness. This is actually one of the main reasons I bought the speedplays, to allow for more inward movement of my heel along the pedal stroke.

I think I will end up actually visiting a pro fitter to check things out.

Thanks again for the advice!


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by ipaul

One other thought is the use of a cleat wedge. I have a similar issue and found with just one wedge shim under my right foot, the ankle doesn't scrape the crank. I find it tracks much straighter now and not needing as much of the inward adjustment. Worth discussing with your fitter.

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by djm

You can also order third party titanium spindles at the length you choose. Can't remember the name of the maker though, someone else definitely does.

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