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by tinchy

hi all - just wanted some opinions on an issue im having recently. Ive clocked a good 8000km this year so far, most of that completely comfortable with my position - I know I have a pretty solid core for example. However for the past month of so I cant help but notice a discomfort in my upper back/shoulder region and have no idea where it has come from. Because Ive never experienced it before I did a quick google search and found upper back discomfort is usually associated with neck pain and thus the common fix is raise the bars to reduce drop. However I do not have any neck pain and, like I said, I have good core strength, fairly flexible and only 22 - plus I don't consider my position THAT radical, with about 10cm drop saddle to bar. By no means is the discomfort I feel painful in any way, more of an ache which is just annoying. Perhaps more interesting is that the discomfort can begin relatively quickly, say half hour into a ride - this leads me into thinking perhaps Ive developed some injury (overuse?) because it arises so quickly, as opposed to poor positioning which would more likely arise after longer periods in the saddle?

Anyway, like to hear your thoughts!

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by eric

Are you doing something different when you ride? Like for example gripping the bars tight? The other week I found myself riding with my shoulders hunched up. Dunno why I was doing it, I wasn't thinking about it.

I do exercises in the gym to strengthen my neck and upper back/shoulders so I can be comfortable on long rides.

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by fitty4

Maybe your pain is not from cycling, could be new pillow, different desk/table, chairs, work position, naps in the couch or spooning ect.

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by tinchy

...yeah might be the spooning.... giggidty :mrgreen:

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by prebsy

I find upper back/ neck pain to always be linked to too much drop. Your position doesn't have to be "extreme" to cause discomfort. Flip your stem up and see if it helps you recover. Given the quick onset it sounds like an on bike issue.

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