SRM with Garmin 810

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by williamsf1

Just looking for some help on setting up my SRM with the Garmin 810

I have done the normal calibration etc and it comes up with 480 ( which I believe is ok )

however there is a page to input the slope 21.2 hz for me.... but it doesnt seem to stay in the memory? it goes back to 0.0

any ideas?

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by djm

Updated firmware?

I had issues setting the slope on my 800 which weren't resolved until the unit was replaced under warranty. The 800 would pick an arbitrary number with 20-30 digits for the slope value..

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by FredBloggs

I'm currently running the latest SW on the 810 and mine is fine. If you haven't already, go to the Garmin website & register your device. Next download the web updater, with your 810 connected to the computer run the web updater and verify that you have the latest SW installed.

The slope value which the 810 is displaying should be there or thereabouts, in relation to what is written on the card which comes with your SRM. The slope is a programmable value, in as much as if you calibrate the SRM and the value obtained differs from what is stated on the card/810, you can input a new value on the 810 which will be pushed to the SRM and permanently stored.

How to manually calibrate your SRM

Updating the SRM slope value ... st=4551194

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

I seem to have missed the page with the slope on my 810?

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by williamsf1


I will take a picture of the page when I get back home.... it wasn't holding the 21.2 hz for some reason!!! but now is....

seems ok now!

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