Favorite post-ride analysis program?

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What post ride analysis program do you like to use?

Garmin Connect
Cycling Analytics
Training Peaks/WKO+
Golden Cheetah
Other, list in comments
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by 53x12

Garmin Connect?
Cycling Analytics?
Training Peaks/WKO+?
Golden Cheetah?
Other that I haven't listed?

I realize that these programs differ in what data they provide and some are much better than others for those that train with power. I'm just curious to hear what members use and like. Personally I really like Cycling Analytics and the information that it can provide. Golden Cheetah is also very nice.
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by Rick

They all have individual features that are fun, but Golden Cheetah seems the most useful.
(I only use the free ones.)

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by prendrefeu

Golden Cheetah for myself.

I have used Ascent in the past as well. It is also pretty nice, but at the time I did not really get into the analytics enough to evaluate its capabilities compared to others.
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by devinci


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by vlastrada

Training Peaks (Athlete edition) is what I use. it's pretty good, though its not free, and is sometimes over-hyped.

Being a geek, I also download my training on SRMwin because I like the snapshot comparison of all the sessions in terms of duration/power/HR
(I wish these were sortable by say avg power, avg HR etc). I use it to get a sense of how my last (e.g. 2:30) ride ranks in term of avg power with rides of similar duration. There is no quick way of doing this on TP as the list view sucks. But correct me if I missed it ;-)

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by boysa

Golden Cheetah has been great for me. I haven't used the pay version of TP, but does it really have any additional features that make it worth the cost?

Garmin, considering their domination in the computer marketplace, has some awful ride analysis software... IMHO, of course.

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by shoopdawoop

I use golden cheetah for my own analysis and training peaks for my coach.

I do like Training peaks for keeping in contact with my coach. It's such an easy place for him to put workouts and other notes as well as an easy way to get him my data.

However golden cheetah has so much more when you're trying to analyze intervals or look at long term trends.

Downloaded wko but I've never really put enough data into use it, seemed extremely similar to golden cheetah but without the constant updates and user demanded features.

Garmins setup is horrible; really, really needs and overhaul.

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by CulBaire

I use a combination of Strava to analyse times (i.e. climbs), and Golden Cheetah for more long terms stuff, like time in zone, PMC, etc... Both have their merits, and pitfalls.

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by Juanmoretime

I use Strava, Garmin Connect and Garmin Training Center. Connect is the best since its data has the most detail and unlike Strava the information is correct instead of Strava's formula's. Strava can sometimes be close but it is not accurate. Seriously considering not playing on Strava anymore.

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by Kermithimself

I use a mix of Ascent and the paid version of TP.

I like the performance manager in TP with the Training Stress Score and all that.
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by 53x12

Just got an email that Cycling Analytics is moving towards a pay for subscription. Going to have to decide if it is worth paying for compared to many of the free programs available. I really like what CA has to offer, just not sure if it offers enough stuff that the others don't to make me want to pay for it.
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by RichieE46

Voted for Strava but I just switched from Mapmyride. Both have their pros/cons. I wish strava had audio updates every mile like Mapmyride. Thats probably what I missed the most before getting my Garmin

Thanks to this thread...I'll also try out TP and Golden Cheetah

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by Geoff

I'm not a tech-guy, so I have stuck with Uli's srmwin software. Hey, I'm not the only one. Most of the Pro riders I know use it, too (now, they have someone else doing the analysis, so who knows what happens to the file when they download and flip it)...

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by eric

Kermithimself wrote:I use a mix of Ascent and the paid version of TP.

I like the performance manager in TP with the Training Stress Score and all that.

Golden Cheetah has something similar.

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