What is your best 'working' Pre-Race food?

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by danielgillett

I was wondering what others recommend in terms of good nutrition before an event.

I heard eating lots of pasta the night before a race is a waste of time. (Source = http://www.2peak.com)

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by Racing Aardvark

The night before is one of your last chances to top up your energy stores. I've been having decent high-carb dinners the night before since I was a distance runner in junior high (13 years old). I still do that now.

Depending how much time I have before a race, I will either eat a light breakfast, or try and eat what I need. I found that for crits, a serving of Ultrafuel (400 calories) worked really well for me. I tried high-protein pre-race meals and my body just doesn't like it. :? So, back to drinking about 200 cals in the last 15 minutes before a race...

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by :-)


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by Ye Olde Balde One

Night before I eat a large serving of pasta or rice with some meat or fish and a salad.

In the morning, granola with whole milk.

These days I don't race, just do Centuries and Doubles, I find it doesn't bother me if I skip breakfast, eating so early turns my stomach, so I just have my coffee and make sure I have some of the granola replacement breakfast bars with me for after I start.

The best night before meal for a Double is two "Super Mule" at the local Mexican, really big burritos with cheese, chicken and salad with rice. They always look amased when I put two of them away, no one ever eats two in one sitting 8)

I'm doing the Triple Crown this year, and I'm thinking of doing seven of the Doubles in Cali this season, for them I'm thinking of putting chicken sandwiches in my back pocket for an after the start breakfast.
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by steevo

I go to the bagel shop and get a
honey grain bagel toasted with crunchy peanutbutter

I dont know if im stuck in a routine, but im afraid to try anything else, this seems to be the perfect thing for me. oh and an americano on race days to wash it down.

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by Rogue_M3

This is no joke. My best pre-race food is McDonald's sausage, egg and cheese biscuit and a sausage and hotcakes platter with a Coke. I eat the hotcakes without syrup.

I know it sounds like crap but it works for me. I've been eating this combo since about 1987.

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by Superlite

Thats awsome M3.

Back in high school, before cross country races I would always down starbursts and Dr. Pepper. Everyone thought I was nuts, until I crossed the line ahead of everyone! :lol:

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