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by alanjob

Hi guys,

I have a set of old trax rollers that are great but the issue I find is they don't sit level on level ground. I find that my hands get sore and I seam to slide forward in the saddle.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


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by Crampandgoslo

well, your first problem is that your rollers aren't level.

second, you may have a fit issue.

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by Rick

Put layers of various thickness under the feet until it is level ?

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by 11.4

Most older rollers are made with all the drums in the same line. The problem is that the rear wheel sits between two of them and the front wheel sits on top, so your bike is actually pointing up, not down. I don't remember how Trax's work, but I suspect you are slightly tense on the rollers and are pulling forward onto the nose of the saddle. Many people do this on rollers. You get the problem you describe even though you are really pointed uphill slightly. I'd check out the rollers first to see whether your front roller is actually set lower than the rear ones; if so, is your bike really level? Don't fix anything before you know whether you have a problem. Hope that helps.

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by Shiversolitude

Grab yourself a 2x6 piece of wood, or some rubber or something to prop under either the front or back end until you reach a desired comfortable height. Doesnt sound like the most complicated fix.

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