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by Milese

I am a power virgin and pick up a powertap this evening.

Give me your pearls of wisdom, what to do, what not to do, what software to use, which metrics to take notice of and which to ignore, what tests mean the most to you etc etc.

PS. I am reading Joe Friels 'Cyclists Training Bible' and will probably progress onto the 'Training with a Power Meter' book, so will research this properly, but thought it would be interesting to see what experienced users find actually works for them.

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by Rick

If you are reading the book, you will quickly know more than me.

I really like Golden Cheetah.

Any power reading averaged over less than 3 seconds seems to have little meaning to me.
I keep track of "lap power" and "last lap power" so that I can see what I am doing during an interval, and then see what I did in the last interval after the blood returns to my brain.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

Download golden cheetah and for the next few weeks, just gather data on your normal riding.

Get familiar with the ins and outs of whatever head unit you will be using, and what metrics are useful.

Keep reading - tarwapm is one of the best , but don't blow your head reading everything on the Internet as well, it's too much and probably irrelevant most of the time...
Once you've got some data, then it's time to start looking at your weaknesses. By that point you'll be ready and understand more what you've read .

Good luck!
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by rijndael

I've used both WKO+ and GoldenCheetah, I prefer WKO+. If you decide to get WKO, wait for v4, it's due out shortly.

FWIW: For my Quarq, I like 3s average power readings, but the PT has a bit of a delay so I use 1s power.

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by prebsy

Golden cheetah for the win. I would join the wattage google group and start reading the training/racing book. Browse through topics on wattage and use training/racing as reference, eventually you will read all of T/R and learn a lot more than just reading it cover to cover. Be careful building a training plan with strictly T/R workouts, some of them are just monstrous.

But before all that! Learn how to use your PM and head unit correctly and thoroughly!!!!

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