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by xnavalav8r

Hey guys. Potty questions are always a bit embarassing. But after three months off the bike (while at sea) I am back into my daily commuting routine. However, I have noticed that I need to stop and urinate once or twice during my 90-minute ride. This wasn't the case a few months ago. I'm not aware of any other change in my daily routine. But, in hindsight, I seem to recall this being the case about a year ago after a similarly long break from cycling. Anyone else ever experienced this?

Is this just my body readjusting to the routine? Should I be worried?

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by PSM

You're getting older. Comes with age. How old are you?

More things can/will happen to you...

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by xnavalav8r

Iḿ only 42 and all my plumbing works fine. I did a little experiment this morning and simply drank half a glass of water with breakfast instead of a full glass. No pit stop today. Maybe I was just over-hydrating...

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by fitty4

If I feel the urge to drink within half an hour before training I need to just take very small sips otherwise I need to go sometimes every 20 minutes

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by NoiseBoy

Do you need to go more frequently than usual when off the bike? If so it's worth seeing a doctor.

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by xnavalav8r

Nah! Off the bike everything is normal.

I've been consciously drinking less before my ride and have had no problems.

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by Foo

Do you have a coffee before the ride also? :?

So long as you have tried your best, then you should have no regrets!

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by myndog

peddal harder. You will swet all the pee :D

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