Results from following your suggestions and a request....

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

If you're after a free coach- look elsewhere, but people are always willing to help here.

You've got a powermeter stoo; thats all you need. It automatically makes you faster/quicker/better/stronger.... :wink:

First port of call should be read "Training and racing with a powermeter". You dont have to understand it all, but the key parts should give you a better understanding of your data and a way to train what you're trying to improve. Reread the bits you arent sure on, and then ask questions if you aren't sure

You said you've had a PM for nearly a year; what have you been doing with it? Do you use the likes of Golden Cheetah and see where your shortcomings and limits actually are?

There's lots of free stuff on the tinterweb; check out stuff written by Andy Coggan. He posts regularly on the timetrialling forum too.

I think you're being a "bit" optimistic trying to drop a huge chunk of weight, AND expect a huge rise in FTP.
From experience as the weight comes off, you can only hold a ftp of x amount for so long....

Testing protocol is varied and will give varied results. Stick to one and follow it.
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by devinci

First, the weight lost and FTP increase is next to impossible.

Being your first year riding or training I guess you could make some good gains but that sort of jump in 50-60min power is too optimistic.

That being said, there are numerous ways to increase your FTP, depending on your available time to train.

- Long rides at endurance pace for 3,5 to 6 hours, several times a week, for someone having lots of time available
- Shorter rides with bumped intensity, at tempo pace or higher, or fraction of effort at tempo or higher, such as 2-3 x 10min, 3-4 x 15min, 2 x 30min, etc.
- Short efforts of 3-5min at maximal intensity, above FTP (110-120% approx) with a total work time of about 15 to 25 minutes at intensity. Rest to work ratio 1:1
- supra maximal efforts, well above FTP, 20-30s type of stuff.

There are tons of ways to reach your goal, you just need to adjust training to your needs and constraints. I don't like giving away sample weeks in detail because people often stick to these models and will forget to alter load, progress toward intensity and rest enough

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by Stoo

Thanks guys. Aim high and all that :)

I've only had my PR's since sept and I'm just riding and recording at the moment. I'm getting WKO+ very soon.

I've read the book, and yes, whilst I do have a good understanding of it all, basically
I would like to know how best to structure my training to achieve some way towards my goals.

I understand the differing physiological results at different levels for instance, but unsure if how or when to do each part as a plan.

I'm sorry guys.
It's just the way I am.

I sometimes need stiff spelling out to me.

Thanks for your time so far.
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by devinci

The overall structure depends on many things: what you've done in the past, what you're constrained to, when you'll start racing, etc.

Depending on what you have been doing so far, I'd start with 2 different approach:

- starting with some higher then usual efforts if you've been doing a lot of long rides and steady work, then test and shift focus to volume and/or steadier work
- starting with steady work if you've been doing a lot fo high intensity stuff, then test and shift focus to high intensity work

Of course it depends on time available. There are plenty of ways to acheive your goal and you should not puzzle it too much for yourself. Train, test, adjust, repeat. It's that simple, really.

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by welkman

I will post up my results as I go and then people can get an idea of gains to be made whilst holding down a stressful job. I dont have kids but I do have a wife so I cant just bugger off riding the whole weekend.

This week I have managed to stick to the plan except for missing a FTP interval due to a suprise inspection at work :( I managed 370watts/20 mins without being maximal and will test properly in 3 weeks time (christmas holidays) on my normalised TT track. Everything is pointing towards 380 Watts for 20 mins but I would love to be able to hold 400 for 20 mins so I can monster the local evening ten next year !

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by welkman

Well last week I managed to stick to plan but got 70 miles Z2/3 with hard hill efforts in on friday, had saturday off (walk with mrs) and then raced cross on sunday. Broke the chain before the race, then broke the rear mech and ended up in 38/12 for four laps before the chain went again! Really annoyed as it was a great track, drops, sand, mud and woods and I was going really well. This week the bike gets a XX1 style single 42 and a sram force rear with a 11-27t cassette. As my other bike is also out of action I am only left with the fixie for a couple of days; the plan is Monday 2 hours around or just under 300W (by feel) and efforts on hills. Tuesday relaxing gentle ride for an hour. Weds (hopefully PM back and 2x20 intervals) if not then another 2 hour hard ride. Thursday recovery ride. Friday longer ride maybe Z2 for 3 hours. Sat race prep, sun cross.

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