A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by eric

NoiseBoy wrote: I'm not sure how much I would gain from having a power meter without being able to interpret the numbers.

GoldenCheetah analysis software is free. "Training and Racing with a Power Meter" by Coggan and Allen is $18.

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by NoiseBoy

Ive been to see the Respiratory Nurse, still on a very low dose but my peak flow has levelled off at 450L/min or 500L/min after salbutamol. Haven't been riding much due to other commitments but set out today, took a couple of puffs on the salbutamol as directed and checked my peak flow, which was 520, highest ive seen. Felt quite good so set off but within 30 seconds of turning a pedal on the warm up my HR was up over 180bpm which freaked me out a bit. Legs felt great but was puffing away and thought I was going to be sick with the build up of sputum/saliva so pulled over to get my HR back down and have a proper drink of water. Felt OK after a while so set off again but I now get a really raw throat and a bit of wheeze at high effort. I think my breathing is generally better as i'm staying out of oxygen debt for a lot longer and recovering a lot quicker. Its just these pain in the arse side effects that are the problem. Whether or not its a side effect of the drugs or maybe that is even normal, I just didn't get a sore throat before because I wasn't breathing hard enough?

I do at least feel like i'm getting somewhere slowly but surely.

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by ryker

Lifelong asthmatic. I take ventolin *before* riding and then as needed. Not usually needed but can be aggravated by other factors like allergies or cold. If I'm going through a rough patch, I start flovent but that's preventative and takes a couple of doses for efficacy.

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by Couse1986

I'm all to familiar with regular asthma, I've had friends and family members who had it very bad as children. You know, serious attacks, trips to the hospital, turning blue, etc.. What I am talking about is strictly excercise induced asthma. As I've been told about by other very fit cyclists but never really seen anyone with symptoms.

I only ask about the performance enhancer because Albuterol is very banned by just about every sports sanctioning body out there, unless it is by inhalation, with prescription from a doctor with a diagnosis of asthma.

I know what the wheezing sounds/feels like. It is just such a rare occurrence for me, if they have really banned it for a performance enhancing effect I'd feel a bit strange going to the doctor to talk about it.

The thing is being out of shape is not a yes/no thing, it comes in grades. The other thing my friend who takes albuterol before races says he feels is a tightness in your chest after long hard rides, especially when it is cold. I absolutely feel that. I'm not having any trouble breathing but if I take a deep breath I can feel the effect.

I am kind of having a hard time not understanding how not wheezing would not have been a performance enhancer last week for me personally. I would not say I was out of shape last week, just a question of degree of fitness. It only happened once on the ride for like 2-3 minutes max. I maybe happens like once or twice a year but the tightness after a ride is common, I feel that after many rides.

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by zirxo

Salbutamol isn't banned by WADA anymore, as long as you stay under a certain level, which is higher then any doctor would prescribe.

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by kulivontot

When's the last time anybody on this board was drug tested after a race?

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by Marin

Probably a few hours ago? Enough pros read & post here.

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by kulivontot

thanks for the input, but I'm looking for somebody with a relevant testimonial

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by Marin

Sorry thought you meant that as a general comment :)

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