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by hzucker


I just upraded my CAAD10 to 11sp DA9000 which means I cannot use my trainer wheel without having to upgrade the freehub body and cassette, which i might not want to spend the money on.

Should I be worried about riding my Mavic Ksyrium Elites and my CAAD10 on a trainer or on rollers this winter?
I just want my setup to last as long as possible.


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by Chello

The wheel should hold up just fine. Just be sure to use a dedicated trainer tire and all should be well.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

What Chello said.
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by Nscott1463

Agreed what Chello said. I tried going the route of "oh i'll buy a cheap sturdy tire for winter on the trainer" and it just turned my wall into a black jackson pollock painting of sprayed and splattered rubber bits. I use a vittoria trainer tire I think I got for $30 on amazon.

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by Geoff

If you have a trainer that clamps the rear wheel, don't forget a really cheap, solid steel skewer, too...

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by brianwelchde

Let's see your indoor trainer setup?

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