How much running to compensate for low cycling training

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by Kupepe


It may be a silly question but I need to ask it. With a new baby there is only the weekend to get the bike and go out for a worthwhile time of training. Moreover, there is no option for a turbo-trainer, no space atm, no money for it and no casheros for a second wheel so that I won't ruin by basic wheelset.

I am not a racing athlete. I compete against myself in audaxes and take nice photos while doing it.

In 2 months I have a 200 km audax with 3500m of climbing. The way I think of it I will do a 450 (900m the last 3 weeks) climb in Saturdays and a 100 km ride in Sunday. But what happens during the week ? So I digged up a pair of running shoes and I run 40 mins before work.

So the question to whatever may know ... how much running must I do in order to compensate for the lack of actually using the bike during the week ? I am doing medium effort running like 50-60% of max heart rate effort so I build stamina.

Any suggestions on how much running and what kind of running must I do, since there are 3 good climbs in 2 months to come?

Thanx in advance





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