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by Mimizk

Do you know "Arago Rollers"?


I've bought the crazy rollers.
It was made by Ogawa Seisakusyo. >http://bit.ly/12hwmuw
The rollers are usually used in Japanese Keirin/Track situations.
So it has accelerator for trainning of fastest peddaling.
Ofcourse loading device too, though it is work by electronical power.
It's very naturally feeling.

So heavy weight, high spec, high price.
Weight is about 30kg, the price is 300000 yen (picture's model).

If you have interest or you every day use 3 drum rollers, this is not too expensive thing, I think.

by Weenie

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by ryker

Are they adjustable for different wheelbases? Doesn't look like much adjustment from the photo.

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by prendrefeu

Does a user of this model have to know how to read Japanese? Do they offer systems for other languages?
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by Mimizk

Thanks to the interests.


This photo shows us switch area of Arago rollers.
It was just written by Japanese though I think most of people can use it if they don't read Japanese.
It's very simple.
I made notes to the Flickr photo so confirm it if you want to know the meaning.

I think there is no problem only to use if not to be able to read Japanese.
In fact, I've not read any of something like construction papers.
But this roller needs electronical power and ofcourse it compatible with Japanese common power source, 100V.
So I think you need a converter plug for 100V though not to need Japanese :D

I measured the rollers and the adjustment length was about 6cm.
This num is not specialy short length I think because my other folding rollers by Minoura has similar ajust length.
Wheel base of the white colored pist racer is 960mm.

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