Turbo Trainer With Power Meter

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by viney

Hi All,

I currently have a Tacx Satori trainer, but I am considering a trainer with a power meter, so I can monitor my progress and to have an idea of both my 20 minute (1hour) and 5 minute power outputs.

Any advice on models would be greatly appreciated.

Also, how accurate are these things?

Thanks in advance.


by Weenie

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by DrGalactus

If you have a speed/cadence sensor and an ant+ dongle, give http://www.trainerroad.com/ a go, fairly accurate but consistent and the workouts are good fun (if you're a sadomasochist).

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by emkod

I'm about to shell out hard earned on a Wahoo Kickr.

Seems like the real deal and the future of trainers.

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by viney

Thanks for the info, think i'll give the trainer road a go. I already have the speed/cadence from my Edge 500, so I just need the ANT+ dongle.


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