Numb feet after an hour + ride. Any tricks ?

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by nurseflash

Sometimes a good custom orthotic can help with the shoe fit. I got a huge relief from some of the numbness when I started using the custom orthotics that are cycling specific.

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by eurperg

I used to have this numb / cold toes problem, moving cleats backward and a wider saddle (regale) helped...

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by LouisN

I'm waiting for someone to get rid of his Regale Carbon FX at a ridiculous price... :wink:

Louis :)

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by LouisN

UPDATE: I did a 3 hrs hilly "sportive" (102 km) last sunday. No numbness at all :beerchug: !!!

Just the right combination of everything I guess: Not too tight or loose shoes, right thickness socks, OK position, brand new shorts(chamois).
Think I'll hang on with my actual Bont's for one more year :)

Louis :)

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by nayr497

Anyone have any ideas on this...I ride/race cross in Sidi Dominators with Eggbeater pedals. Feet feel great, never any pain (even when I ride on the road and I'm not jumping on/off the bike).

I road ride in Sidi Ergo 2s on Look Keo pedals and use a Superfeet insole. I always get sore feet, toes fall asleep, feet go numb, etc. I have to wiggle my feet around, sometimes unclip and move them around, and also have to focus on specifically pulling up hard on the upstrokes for a minute or so.

Why with the same brand of shoes do my feet react so differently? And, seems like the Eggbeaters with the small contact spot, would be worse than my road riding set-up. Ideas?
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by etownfwd

First follow-ups that jump to my mind are: How old are your Ergo2s?, Are they significantly older than your Dominators? How old are your footbeds in your Ergo2s?

It's been my experience in both ice hockey and cycling that so many things can cause "hot foot" or numb toes; saddle height, pedal platform, shoe support, shoe volume, sock thickness, footbed life, etc. I would find the best bike fitter in your area and ask for their advice. If your Ergo2s are relatively young (I know, I know... that's hard to pin down for Sidis since they can last a while!) then I would go to your LBS and see what footbeds they have to offer. It could be something as inexpensive as a position tweak or new insoles. Good luck, and I hope you find a fix for it!


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by RoadBikeStudio

I get more of a pain rather than numbness. Always thought it was the shoes (Giro Factors) but i will play around with saddle/cleat position after reading this thread.

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by xena

Surely if your feet are going numb it is a circulation problem. Maybe the position of shoes etc will make a difference.
I ride Bonts, thin or thicker socks no issues whatsoever. I do have a circulation issue with my big toe that sometimes happens at night. This eased up quite a lot when I backed off the caffeine [ stopped drinking caffeine coke]. Paracetamol may help.
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