Best category for new racer.

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by Northoceanbeach

I have done a total of one race and the end of last season. I liked it. I'm going to do more. I just turned 35, not a month ago, alot of the races I see combine cat 4/5 and have a cat 4/5 masters.

Which is a better category and why. That's all really. Thanks.

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by sorin

Best to do 10-15 of cat5's and reson is b/ct he masters tend to have a lot of experienced people who may not b as fast as you are now, but are very good in saving their energy and have lots of experience .same with 4/5 lot of experienced racerz a ) .doing about 10of the cat 5will give you a goodrace speed agility and will allowo) you to learn a lot of techniques and then when you go for the 4/5's you will have a much easier time and most likely will get good top 10placing b/c you will b wi fresher legs ,have that race speed in yuou and experienced many situationns that gave you insight to position well and race smart in order to win in the present races...

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by eric

Preference in order: cat 5, cat 4/5 masters, cat 4/5

masters have generally been riding longer, even the cat 5 ones, so their fields are less squirrely.

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