cycleops indoor trainer or Proform Tour de France trainer

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by nismosr

was wondering if any members have any experience in any of the 2 indoor trainer above. thanks

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by shoopdawoop

My mother had the proform, I was initially excited when I tried it but it has one major flaw; the handlebar/computer section could not be tightened to the point of not wiggling. It was a significant enough movement to really throw off my ability to do good workouts. The other thing that I didn't really like was the shape of the bars themselves, not the most comfortable things to use.

When you talk about the cycleops indoor trainer do you mean the full bike setup or like a kinetic style device? I assume you mean the full bike because of your interest in the proform, but it might be nice to clarify!

Hope I helped!

Edit- Also forgot one thing, the proform was the 2011 model and I vaguely remember seeing a commercial durring this years tour for a new one but I'm not sure how much they changed.

by Weenie

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by Rick

I have a CycleOps Fluid2 that I am very happy with.

My impression is that Proform is a company that makes all sorts of exercise machines whenever there is a new fad for that type of exercise. Most that I have seen are sort of cheap and flimsy (elliptical trainers and treadmills). They then market heavily with infomercials, etc.

CycleOps makes serious training equipment for racing cyclists.

But I could be wrong. I have not seen the Proform trainer in person.

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by nismosr

Thank you ,
Yes the cycleops indoor training bike. I'm reading a lot of horrible review on the proform tdf. I think i'm going to stay away of the proform.

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by drhule23

Get a REAL indoor trainer for your REAL bicycle. The Proform is all marketing hype.
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