Power Meter options for 10spd Sram Red Crank

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by fherman

I have converted to the church of power and am looking to move from my borrowed test setup to a permanent solution.

However, I have several nitpicky issues that I was hoping the group might be able to help me sort out from personal experience.

Current setup
Sram Red 10spd Crank 172.5 w/ Powerglide rings

Important to me and deal breakers(?)
* This is a WW build - PM shouldn't add much weight (stages = +)
* I love my red crank (stages = -)
* I love my DA900 pedals (vectors = -)
* I utilize multiple wheelsets on this bike, as well as a trainer, and couldn't rely on a hub PM

So I would like to do this to minimize weight and cost. If I could go stages and keep my current setup, this would be optimal. However, the carbon stages only works with the newer Red crank. Vectors change my pedals, cleats, and add a ton of weight. I really want to keep my DA pedals. Power2max setups are nice, but again dont' work with my older Red crank and add a lot of weight compared to stages.

Seems like I could go Stages with some second hand searching, but I think it's going to require:
* Buy the stages carbon BB30 Red 22 option (when it should finally come back in stock)
* Hunt down a used Red 22 crankset (preferably sans rings)
* Praxis rings since I am still 10spd and would need to swap to different rings (right?)

This setup would bump the cost up from the PM alone purchase, but it would give me power for 20g. However, adding praxis, I would save even more weight and end up with power for less weight, but more cost.

I will also add this: the build isn't WW just to be such, but this is for a competitive big ascent build for a pretty light guy. I've spent a year shaving weight for as little cost as possible, and adding power by gaining too much weight on an already minimized bike would be pretty hard to swallow. Hopefully I don't cause too many eyes to roll.

What do you power men and women recommend for my situation? I have been banging my head against the wall for many months now trying to figure this out. :noidea:
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by Rick

The Red 10 speed crank works perfectly well with 11 speed drivetrain, so there is no need to replace the crank, unless you want to for other reasons. Also, some would consider the Praxis chainrings an upgrade, but the powerglide rings work pretty darned well. That is what I am using.

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by JoeFlan

I'm in the same situation as you fherman.
Adding the price of the stages and the price of a used red22 exogram crankset, it is almost as expensive as a new Sram red quarq crankset.

The Red 10 speed cranks do not have a compatible power meter. Sram changed the side of the spindle on the exograms.
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by thePrince

Seems like you are overthinking the situation. Go with Stages Rival on closeout for 400 USD.

I've been riding 10spd SRAM Red, including crank, for about 7 years now. Just added power when I saw the closeout deal.

Yeah it's aluminum for one of your crank arms, but for less than 100g weight penalty, you get a powermeter for 400USD. And it takes about 5 min to install.

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