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by tomgag

Hi there Guys,

I have a few question regarding running a turbo trainer with a mountain bike.

Do I need a special type of turbo trainer or will any one do or the adjustment (up/down) will be enough??

I understand that i need to change tyre from a knobbly one to a slick but do you have any suggestions for what slick to get or should I use turbo trainer special tire (if any exists)

Any thing else that i need to do/ get to be able to run it.

All help appreciated


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by DanW

As far as I am aware any turbo trainer should be fine.

I use a Continental Tyre dedicated for turbo trainer use. They are the only company producing such a thing as far as I know. It is a large volume tyre so the diameter isn't too different to the diameter of a road tyre on a 700cc wheel and hence adjustment is no problem. I also find quieter and hard wearing. Most (all?) turbo trainers should also be able to run a very thin 1 inch road style tyre in a 26 inch size (hence smaller wheel diameter) with an adapter bracket which should be included with the turbo.

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by mrfish

My old Tackx uses a screw to reposition the resistance unit. It came with some extra plastic bits to move the resistance unit up to meet a 26" tyre. So check before you buy. I guess it would depend a bit on the tyre as well, as diameter would vary a bit between an the extremes of an 18mm time trial tyre and a shaved 2.5" mtb tyre.

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