Increase Lactate Threshold

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by viney

I was lucky enough to carry out some free lab testing a while ago and found that I strated to develop lactic acid between a HR of 161 to 176 bpm.

In order to increase my LT is it better to do interval training within the above zone, which I intend to do a couple of times per week. Just did 2x20mins this morning with 2x3min VO2max thrown in.

Also, is it of more benefit in doing much training in the zone just below the level where I begin to produce lactic, say 150 to 160bpm? I've read that this method gives the best results in raising the LT power, but I'd like some advice from those who have tried this from their own experience. If it is that good then how much should you do in a 10 hour per week training regime?

Any comments are appreciated.



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