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by Cykelmusen

Hello everybody

Do you have any tips / advice for running Trainingpeaks on a Mac?


- CrossOver? (Google said this won't work anymore)
- VMware and Windows XP? (I had this combo some years ago)
- Should I stick for Golden Cheetah instead?

Btw I have an 'old' macbook running Lion.



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by boysa

I've been using GC 3.0 and have been thrilled so far. Not worth the effort involved just to use WKO.
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by CTracer

I am running WKO+ using VMware on a Macbook Pro. It's kind of a PIA to have to fire up Windows every time I want to run WK)+ and it's pretty slow. I mainly use the online (premium) Training Peaks now since that has 95% of what WKO+ has. Occasionally I will download the online TP workouts into WKO+ to keep it updated.


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by Gem

I use Training Peaks with a Mac, it works fine (and quite quickly) through Windows XP with Parallels. You'll need to buy Parallels and find a Windows disc with a valid installation code.

As a caveat I'm not the most technically minded & installing everything was a convoluted process. The Parallels technical support is thankfully very good.

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by jmechy

Anyone have experience running it on Linux? I could easily set up a VM, but wondering if there is a better way.

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by Tillquist

WKO+ 4 development is under way (for Mac too!).

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by pigpen

I use RaceDay, using windows on a Mac is a sin.

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by CTracer

They announced a Mac version of WKO+ this week but no date on release. Don't expect anytime soon, however. I am running WKO+ on my Mac using Fusion (very slow) but I find its easier just to use the online version of TP which has 95% of what WKO+ does. I upload to WKO+ occasionally. I'd wait for the native Mac version before jumping into WKO+.

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