what is your cure for knee pain ?

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by Tapeworm

If you squat below parallel then there shouldn't be any real pressure on the knees.
"Physiology is all just propaganda and lies... all waiting to be disproven by the next study."
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by DanW

Knee pain is often complex and even the medical professionals will usually only give generic advice (unless of course something screams out at them on an MRI/ clinical examination/ etc).

My tips for happy knees would be:

1) Make sure you are as physiologically balanced as possible (i.e. not overusing or underusing specific muscles and ensuring muscle activation co-ordinates correctly for the given activity) and make sure there is no underlying pathology

2) Ensure the bike/ shoes/ cleats fit you properly

3) Get the right rest and recovery

4) Don't neglect stretching and flexibility. My all time favourite thing for my own achey knees is self-myofascial release or foam rolling to you and I :D

Knee pain is complex but often common sense things as above can really be helpful. Best of luck getting the knees sorted

by Weenie

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by CerveloBert

I rarely experience it aside from some soreness after intense climbs.

1. Foam Roller three times a week
2. Stretch prior to and after every ride, lots of situational calf stretching for me.
3. Rest if I'm experiencing soreness or tenderness

As long as I don't break from these three habits, I never experience pain.

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by User Name

Straight leg raises (kicks) with very light weights is handy for this, but don't do them if they hurt. This tones the middle quad(s), which helps the cap track 'faster', which helps to pull it up and out of the way of the end of the femur during extension.

Oh yeah, and rest and ice. Then strech if it doesn't hurt.
Most cyclists could do with roller work on the IT band, and some "trigger pointing" of the tensor fasciae latae

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by RicardoOre

Knee soreness and pain in knee when bending can be correctly determined by seeking the right screening. In case it's caused by bone fracture, it could be easily seen and cured.

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by Shiversolitude

Id suggest a doctor... my wife has been complaining of knee pain for a while now and we finally got her to get an MRI. She hasnt gotten complete results back yet, but for sure there was fluid built up around her knee. That was definately causing some pressure and pain. Not something a tilted seat, pedal would have fixed.

She doesnt ride... but point is, if it is something you might want to go find out. Especially if you have money to afford a doctor.

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