Does anybody do their own Lactate testing?

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by rockymtnway

I just saw this and was wondering, first, if anybody's ever used a self-test unit and had any opinions? And second, if anyone could see a real benefit to using one yourself to track lactate at specific wattages between formal lab testings?

The price seems relatively reasonable, the accuracy seems ok, and it seems like it would be useful to be able to track how many mmols you're producing at various training levels every few weeks so you can track progress and potentially watch the effectiveness of a specific program.

Any thoughts?
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by zakeen


This is a very good idea. I have a few friends that have these, not bad idea. Pretty easy to use, prick your finger and then put a dab of blood on the paper thin strips and then enter it in the hole. Thats pretty much it.

But I guess it comes down to how serious you are with your training if you would contiune to use it.

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by big fellow


I use these all the time, expecially in my lab where I am restricted to blood collection due to medical laws.

They very practical and easy to use together with inexpensive.

Accuracy can be a concern, if you calibrate with standards prior to use it should not be a problem.


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