Need help boosting my FTP

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by shjames51

My two cents would be that you don't need to decrease hours too much in general training or do less intensity, you just need to take out the hours on easy days. You only had one day in the week that you showed with less than 2 hours. I would suggest moving some of the endurance hours into the higher intensity days so that you would be doing 3-5 hour days with lots of hard threshold work and then the next day doing 1 hour as easy as possible (zone 1, total recovery). Just my two cents.
For your question about the 9 days before the race, here is what Joe Friel says in Cyclists Training Bible about the week of a race: do three or four workouts this week in which you complete several 90 second intervals at expected race intensity or at least power zone 3, with 3 minute recoveries. Five days before, do 5 intervals, four days before do 4 intervals. Easiest day should be 2 days before. usually best as day off, but for high-volume athlete could be a short easy ride. Day before do some short efforts at race intensity or higher.
For coaching, i don't know of any in your area, but there are tons of coaches online now, so you can just search the internet for them, just look for guys with lots of experience. Some of it would matter how much you were willing to pay (i assume not the ridiculous 1000+ per month that some top end coaches charge. Here's a link to a coach that i sort of know (he's not my coach, but he knows his stuff) who gives consultations, so you could get that and then decide:" onclick=";return false;

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by Krull

i cant see anything wrong with your training, your numbers proof, that it seems to work for you, (congratulations for your stunning capability).

nevertheless: considering your high level and your training-volume, a trainer, who maybe teases out the last dram, could be a good idea.

only one thing: you wrote, that you are training 4-5 weeks on a high level, with ca 800 tss, and than adding some kind of recovery-week with ca 300 tss.

did you ever try to train (how recommended by friel) in a 3:1-balance ?

for your race in october: dont forget the rule (it was already said in this threat in different words) of coggan: form=fitness+freshness!

good luck.
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by Martin.F

So this week:

Monday: Completely off the bike
Tuesday: 1 hr short ride
Wednesday: 1 hr short ride + massage
Thursday: 3-minute intervals
Friday: 3 hr easy ride
Saturday: Day off the bike
Sunday: 1.5 hrs with 4 x 90-second intervals @ 400w (Going out now after the Olympic wmns race)

Some notes:

As of now the TSB is @ -0.2 and rising towards a positive number
My CTL is dropping of slowly
My ATL has been building up for 4 weeks and is now dropping down below CTL

Everything goes according to the plan and should indicate potential for good performance. However, my legs feel a bit tired and my days on the bike are not "chainless days".

Plans for next week:

Monday: 2 hrs with 4 x 30second MAX intervals to open up the legs. Rest of the ride is eaaasy
Tuesday: 1,5 hrs EASY ride
Wednesday: Raceprep - 45 minutes with 5 30second bursts @ 350-400w
Thursday: RACE - prologue
Friday: RACE - 160km
Saturday: RACE - 170km
Sunday: RACE - ITT 8 km

Also dropped a bit of weight over the past 3 weeks while still staying hydrated (not only fluids). Will include more high GI carbohydrates closer to the race, while staying within a normal amount of food. No over-building with food as this leaves me bloated and heavy.
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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Dropped more weight?

With a w/kg like that, how are you not on a Pro team of some degree??

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by Martin.F

Yeah, I gained a bit with a couple of weeks with illness. It's now back down to around 67-68 depending on.

In todays race I did OK. I managed to lock the car keys inside of the car before start, so I had to buy some steel wire and break in. Luckily it's an old car :mrgreen: . Then, 10 minutes before the start (which was 1km away) I broke my derailleur hanger. Managed to get a new one on and the only reason I was there in time for the start was because of some delay.

I placed 35th out of 101 (29 got picked out because of being dropped). To be competitive today I estimate I would have needed a 470-500w 5-min and a 350w threshold at the same weight. There was one REALLY steep hill (250m altitude) with around 12-13% avg incline I guess. That's where the war went down today.

Tomorrow is a better stage for me. Shorter climbs (1minute or so, more short bursts), and an overall flatter stage.
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