Hill Climbing: how do you gauge your max effort?

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by artray

Yeah its a route I do in the northwest of scotland ,Its about a 2 hour ride and its the last bit of pain before I head back to the place we stay at . The riding in this part of the world is just big and small lumps to get over, most are quite steep but the views are stunning . I usually get to scotland at least once a year it's very different from france and the alpes .There is no long 45min/hour long climbs. I think the longest ones I do or around 20mins but it his very tough just up and down and as you know the down stuff go's quick so it feels like you are climbing all the time .

by Weenie

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by mrfish

ticou wrote:I took a right hand turn instead of the left at a junction of my local holiday col and came upon 5k's of 28% for me trouble.

Holiday in Nepal? Or has this turned into a fishing website?

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by ammasweat

You just need to hammer it more and you'll get to know, and probably be surprised at how you can just keep going even when you are on the limit. You get to the stage where you are about to explode, and back off a little. Then you can keep going, and after a while you'll find you can maybe step it up again. Just push the limits. You don't need a hrm for this. When I'm going hard I don't look at it much - the pain is the feedback you need - not numbers.

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by Szczuldo

If you are not bonking you haven't found your limit. There is nothing wrong with bonking, it's all part of the game. After a year and a bit off the bike I find that my body has changed and my old methods don't necessarily work. So now I'm relearning what my body needs to keep up the pace.
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by artray

I agree . Its good to push yourself . On the few climbs that we have in London , one of the things I like to do if I meet another rider at the bottom of a climb is to let them get a big gap say 25/30 yrds, depending on there initial speed then just catch them up right at the top . It depends who you meet. Sometimes it can be easy other times you end up in a right old scrap but its a good way of testing yourself and judging your efforts.

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by KWalker

Actual bonking from lack of food is a terrible, terrible thing to do to your body, but I'm guessing that that's not what you guys mean.
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by Imaking20

I truly bonked for the first time a few weeks ago; 30 miles into an 85 mile ride with over 10k ft of climbing and it was a MISERABLE experience. Went through 7 24oz bottles of water, gatorade, and electrolyte solution (ran out of water twice) without passing any of it. I was severely dehydrated afterwards and had headaches for the next 2 days. Good times.

I gauge my max effort by not dying. It helps if I've ridden the hill before so I know where I can (actively) rest. Since I don't train with power I'll often use my cadence as a gauge; my aggressive tempo is usually ~85rpm and I'll adjust the gear accordingly to keep in that area.

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by stella-azzurra

Based on what you have stated I am guessing you were not in shape to do that type of riding yet.
What you experienced is not bonking but more a lack of fitness and adaptation to that type of riding.
Also prior to the ride it is important to be fully topped with carbs and to be fully hydrated a few day before.
I do not know how long it took you to complete there ride or the ride conditions.
These are all factors that play into the equation.
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