Pins and needles in the feet on and off the bike....

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by diegogarcia

Re; Pins and needles in the feet on and off the bike....

This last 6 months, I have noticed that I am getting really bad pins and needles in my feet. I feel it only started this year. It has however coincided with my worst year of form on a bike for fatigue and sore legs which I attribute to both standing up for a living and bike riding. But, I have just had 10 days off the bike with time away in Gran Canaria and I noticed over there to the point I have been worrying and am now awaiting an appointment with my Doctor.

But, assuming it is bike related, does anyone have any pointers on what could be causing it ?

I have in my mind three things. Saddle, shoes and compression socks. I ride a romin 143, s-works shoes and use compression wear to recover. Would trying a new saddle be your first port of call once I have seen the doctor.

Just wondered if anyone had faced this phenomena ...?

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by simonanks69

shake your head all over the place, it actually helps! :D
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by Weenie

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by aerozy

It could be related to tightness in the muscles which in hand restricts blood flow in certain positions. I notice over big blocks of training I can get this pins and needles (plus knee/ankle pain) if I dont stretch rugularily.

Do all the leg stretches you can think of plus lower back stretches and your numbness will probably go away. Good luck!
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