Warm Up for TT ?

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by CeCa

How to warm up for TT and XCO ?
Im really bad at TT and good in XCO in my country for my age. :D

My TT warm up is just 5 min with 135 HR 5min 170 HR and 5min 130 HR and over, i think its very bad ? :D

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by backflat

try warming up longer. prior to start

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by CerveloBert

I typically stretch for 10 minutes first. It might be a good idea to hit your higher zone a second time in your warm up.

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by CeCa

tomorrow is 10km TT . should i do 10 min 140 HR, 5 min 190 HR , 10 min 130 HR ,3-4 min with max ,5 min 130 HR and its ok ? :P

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by beardking

saw this earlier today. give it a try?
http://theroadtocat1.com/2012/06/04/war ... r-cycling/

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by Asymptotic

CeCa wrote:Im really bad at TT and good in XCO in my country for my age. :D

Kind of an odd statement as you are generally sitting right on, or just above your FTP in XCO, the same as when TT'ing. Maybe your TT technique needs work? I'm the opposite, as I'm a strong TT'er but not a great technical rider which lets me down in XCO.

5mins is really insufficient - go for at least 15mins at 75% of max HR and another 5mins at 90%.

Also, HR is not an ideal indicator because of so many variables associated. If you don't have access to power - conduct your warm-up based on what speed you think you will maintain during the actual TT.
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by Tabe

If weather is cold an rainy? If weather is super hot? Same warmup every time? :)

If anaerobic threshold is 170, still 5 minutes on 190? :)

Stretching 10 minutes? Sometimes stretching legs means group or person opens gas fully open :o Stretching muscles 10 minutes, if done like long static movements make muscles super soft, lazy, non-responsive? It must be done lightly after warmup ride and less than 10-15 sec/movement for main muscles and riding position spesific muscles. Like that it works.

Good for my age? Teenager? If young kid, then warmup in some cases can be shorter because heartrate on teenager is still quite quick responser and muscles are small, this way more ability to 'jump start' Too much on a warm day and you preload your body w/ heat = disaster.

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by gmitt98

try 30 min+, longer if it's cold. it can take that long just to get loose, then do a few short efforts to prime the pump.

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