WKO+, CTL, ATL, TSB and Indoor & Outdoor FTP

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by me

Ok so I'm after opinions regarding the following

After about a year without training or racing due to injury I have kitted myself up with a powermeter and am getting back into consistent training.

I do about half or a bit more of my riding/racing outside on weekends but during the week I am a slave to the trainer. So far I have done the 20 min FTP test (Allen & Coggan) on the trainer, well ventilated etc. I have a feeling that my outside FTP will be higher and am planning to test this next weekend. If there is a significant difference I was intending to use the 2 different FTP's for inside Vs outside workouts.

Has anyone else done this and if so how have you used CTL, ATL etc in WKO+ when there will be a slight difference in TSS for your indoor vs outdoor workouts as you cant have 2 FTP's in the software.

I was thinking of picking the midpoint between outside Vs inside for use in the software

I hope that kind of makes sense


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by Ghost234

From my experience, my indoor power is about 5% lower than my outdoor power. I usually just use my outdoor FTP, and do workouts based on what I feel is manageable (or just beyond that).

by Weenie

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by bricky21

It's been several years since I've done a FTP test, but when I've focused on them in the past I always felt like my FTP was higher outdoors vs. indoors. I don't like FTP tests because there are too many factors which could effect the results espesially for those of us with jobs, family, stress ect. and the number doesn't mean anything to me anyways. Most of the group rides and races I participate in are nowhere near FTP, so why should I get so focused on it? Personally I use my highest 1hr. NP from the past 60 days to set my zones for specific training. Then when I do want to do intervals (indoors or out) I just aim for the zone I'm trying to train in vs. some hard number.

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by gmitt98

There is a Wattage Training group on Google Groups. More information on this (and anything else you could think of that is wattage related) over there than you could ever need. Just run a search.

https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgr ... um/wattage

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by Tinea Pedis

Great link ^^^

Also a TT is a great way to get a nice idea of your FTP without the mind numbing process of doing 2x20's

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