Achilles tendon and metatarsal/ phalangeal strain

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by BreakfastClub

Has anyone here ever strained their Achilles tendon and metatarsal joint (4th toe)from cycling. I'm not sure how I did it but cycling is the only strenuous activity I do. Injuries on separate feet. Riding aggravates it but it doesn't hurt as much as walking.

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by shydog17

I am not a doctor but I recently strained my Achilles tendon for the first time in my life running a 10k. You should probably not cycle until you see a doctor.

But I can share with you my experience. I am 42 and my Achilles hurt enough to scare me to the doctor who prescribed icing and Advil thrice daily as well as a complete break from running. I found massaging the tendon a few times daily helped as well. As you are probably aware, anything more than a strained Achilles can be (or lead to) a very serious injury with dire consequences which can sideline you a very long time. My doctor told me no running until I was able to go about my normal daily activities for a full week without any discomfort whatsoever before resuming stretching and slow light running. My break totaled about three-plus weeks. He did tell me I should continue other less Achilles-strenuous activities such as swimming. Now before I swim, bike and run I take a extra minute to stretch the calf and Achilles a little more than I did previously as well. The extra stretching provides me a lot of piece of mind.

Good luck with your speedy recovery!

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