OK, so I blagged a VO2 test and...........

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by philnw3

Hello from a newb

I was recently lucky enough to undergo a full test from a friend of a friend as a favour
Its a medical lab and they have minimal knowledge of sport physiology and training

Im a fit 48y but with as much time for riding as a working man with a family can get away with :)

My VO2 was as good as Id hoped but my LT was reached at 70% of my max HR which is great, however as I am riding Etape Act2 in just over 2 months was wondering what would be the most efficient way to target this

I have a heart rate monitor but not power and have used up all my favours this year at the lab!


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by Tapeworm

Do you have all the data from the testing? The HR values obtained can then be used to tailor training accordingly.

The VO2max value, unless you can retest, probably isn't much use.

Additionally, further info on previous and current training can help "paint a picture".
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by philnw3

OK thanks

Im a casual leisure rider rather than full on type of guy and have cycled most of my life but never competitively

My 'training' which makes it sound more formal than it is consists of 3-4h at the weekend plus a 2-3h ride and a 90 minute ride mid week all fitted around family activities and work, some weeks are better and often some are worse

I havent really had much structure, I just like riding the bike (its a major stress release), although since the New Year I have discovered Strava and probably hammered one or two 10-20min hard intervals during each ride on the back of this

My fitness feels good and Im aiming to at least place silver in the Etape, anything I can do which may help is a bonus

The test generated masses of stats as youre probably aware:
VO2 55ml/kg/min at a max HR of 179
LT occured at 125bpm

Thanks again

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