Anyone not like oval rings...?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by diegogarcia


Have been on rotor for 18 months and I like it.

However, forgotten what round rings are like and typically, after looking at more and more rotor riders going back to round, and with rotor selling round rings despite their ethos being about oval, I wondered if it is all rubbish and in fact, the sore legs I have may indeed be caused by oval rings. I agree that rotor do loads the quads in a different way and more loads goes into the hamstrings.

Cost dictates I cannot put round straight back on at the moment, but wondered if any other weight weenie users out there have moved back and frankly not noticed a difference?

At the moment, the jury is now out for me and realise a true test would be a rig with one of each.



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by hna

Terrible shifting and no apparent improvement over round rings. Not worth it in my opinion.

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by Geoff

Well, I was experimenting with them for a few years on a bunch of different bikes and groups. I found the shifting a bit slower than with Factory rings, but far from bad. With Di2, I elected to use the Factory rings, as the 'Q'-rings were a bit 'flexy'...

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by msl1985

I have been using q-rings the past two seasons, but this season i'm riding round rings. The two seasons i have been riding with q-rings, i really love it. I really feel i got a lot of power to put in the pedals.

Actually i got at much better season last year, then this year. This year i have been racing more and much harder UCI races, then last year, it might be the reason. But i really feel i don't got the top speed i got with q-rings. I'm going back to q-rings again this week and maybe it will help.

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