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by tcramer

Goint for a 2 hour workout, which will consist of the following 3 sessions:

Warm up intervals
4x 1 minute all out, 3 minute rolling (lactid tolerance training)
4x 10 minutes at FTP, 5 minute rolling

Offcourse the warm up comes first, but what about the lactid tolerance training and the FTP training, which would you put first/last and why?
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by barry78

Your session looks very simliar to workouts i ve got from my coach, i wouldnt change it, just we had 2 x 15 min intervals and 5 x 1 min , this was a winter workout where we built from 30 secs flat out to 1 minute over 3 weeks

On the 1 min all out we were told to sprint out of the saddle 15 secs then hold top speed and go full gas again at the end out the saddle

have no idea why we done the 15min intervals first but it seemed to work for most

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by Roeboe

If you would do the all out sessions first, that would make more sense to me, you need full muscle energy storage to do all out intervals. If you would do the 15min first I bet some of this energy will be lost, so you wouldn't be able to do the anaerobic work at max capacity...

However, I would split up this training in 2 sessions. Thinking of training specificity, those are 2 completely different workouts and you're training totally different energy systems.

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