The XC MTB specific training thread

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by devinci

its an old model, I think its kind of like the tacx blue matic. I plan on purchasing the tacx booster for my winter training.

Not sure about the 32-11 though. Maybe use an old road bike or a road crankset when on the trainer?

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by DanW

The Tacx Booster certainly looks like an option. It is described as specifically providing much higher resistance that the average turbo trainer and some reviews even call it "leg destroying" :shock: :D

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by Snabb

We need to get this thread going again.

Still winter so it`s structured indoor training for me most of the time.

This week:

6 x 4 min @ 120 % of FTP
2 x 20 min @ 95-100 %
1 x 20 min @FTP and 30 min with 30 sec on 170 % and 1 minutes rest in-between @ 100 watt for increasing the mitochondria.
5 x 30 sex all out wingate intervals. Resistance 9- 10 % of bodyweight in kp on the training bike.
and 4 hours outside

So a little bit of everything this week, I try to change focus depending where I am in the training cycle. Sometimes more threshold work or V02max or anaerobic focus.

Not so much volume but I live where the weather sometimes is really bad for riding outdoors plus riding with studded tires in the dark does not motivate me.

I do my indoor training on a monark exercise bike where you can keep the resistance very stable plus it`s great for short hard efforts.

Ride lots!

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by wheelzqc

What about Fat biking (possible in Sweden?) Here we have some nice tight single tracks to keep/develop some skills and have fun. On the trainer your program looks good. I would maybe try to replace some of the 6x4min sometimes with more quantity as we're further away from a racing season. Something like 3 sets of 5x2:30-2:00 @ 110ish% or 4 sets of 8x1:30-1:00 ! that's a high amount of time spent at high watts. You can even recover in your zone 2, around 65%. Makes for some creative 3x20min of over under.

Interesting mix for the 1x20 follow by the 30 seconds !

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