Hard session the day after a race?

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by campbellrae


The road club I ride with run a Tuesday night 10 mile TT that I'm keen to use as a good fast spin out. However, I was wondering if there would be any real benefit in doing a hill repeat session the day after? The hill repeats wouldn't be too intense, maybe mid Zone 4.

Assuming I did a good gentle hour before to loosen the legs up do you think this would have the same effect as if it were done a couple of days later?



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by stella-azzurra

Is your 10 mile TT a hill climb? If so you will get benefit from doing hill repeats.
Totally different set of activities otherwise.
Twenty minute warm up then do hill repeats.
What benefit are you trying to get? Doing a faster hill TT?
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by Weenie

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by campbellrae

Sorry, I should have been a little clearer! The idea is to use both sessions as training for XC racing. The TT is quite hilly, about 200m of climbing in the lap, so I think the hill repeats should help with it as well. But the main goal is getting up to speed in the XC races with a view to getting my Expert licence next season.

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by Tabe

Of course you can. You could do these two even on a same session. In that case you could do short warmup, then hill repeats first and TT then as in hill climbing you need more technical skills and cordination, so you do that first w/ more fresh body and mind. Between these two short/medium cooldown session and of course another cool down at the end.

I wouldn't mind doing gentle hour beforhand, just as short warmup as possible, because these of skills and coordination. You could do that hour afterwards.

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