recover from cramps during a ride?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by CerveloBert

There could be many reasons why you are cramping from potassium deficiency, caffeine use, lack of sleep, lack of fitness, lack of hydration, bike fit, heat. Start eliminating your choices.
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by backflat

how does quinine work ?

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by stella-azzurra

Maybe we should ask Michele Scarponi about recovering from cramps during the race. :lol:
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by Sandal

yeah, please go ask him to join this thread :)
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by MattSoutherden

Also, learning how to ride when you're at your limits is important.

At the end of your next long and strenuous ride, find a 3-5 minute climb and drill it as hard as you can. Try to keep yourself right on the limit of cramping. Not only will a few of these intervals help your body adapt, but it will also teach you a lot about how you can moderate your effort at the limit so you don't tip over the edge into 'both-legs-spasm-and-flip-off-the-bike-into-a-ditch'.
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by sh33mon

Solid advice in here. Wasn't aware that cramps could occur because of all the factors listed above.

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