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Over the past few years I have followed a standard endurance training model i.e. base, then x2 4wk build periods followed by a 2wk peak and then a week to taper before my targeted race/event. Although this year my base has been slightly modified to get the most out of my time available. I have usually aimed to peak for a single event and no more than twice a year with a good gap in between so I could rest & then return to base & build periods to bring me up to my second planned peak. I have other races/events during the year but I usually just train through them with out too much disturbance to my overall plan knowing that I wont be at my best during these races.

This year I have 2 races that I would like to be at my best for and they are 3 weeks apart, the first (85mile mtb xc)being at the end of a week following a 2wk peak period with a week in between before the second race(40mile mtb xc).

My question is, what training should I be looking at doing during the 3 week period whilst I have the 2 races? How would I go about tapering, if at all for these two races, I only ask I have never trained to race for a "season" of races only focused on an individual race.

Thanks for reading.

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