Preparation for a long distance event in the mountains!

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by Fyssen

I'm preparing for The La Marmotte ( french one day race In The Alpes, 174 km, 5000 hm, including, Glandon, Telegraphe, Galibiere and Alpe d'Huez). This season I have planned my training, greatly inspired by Joe Friel and his "Training-bible for cyclist's".
This week I'm entering the build-phase for the first time. That meens, that I'm now "allowed" to do all the high intense training/intervals.
What I'm wondering about is, how relevant is it to do anaerobic endurance and power workouts, when my goal is, to be best prepared for at mountain-event, which Will take between 7-8 hours, and where every of the four long climbs Will take at least one hour?
My thought was, that maybe I should stay with the Muscular Endurance Workouts I have been doing in the base period, because that kind of workouts/intervals is trained in puls-zones which will be more like the zones I will be competing in in the race?
As a bonus info, You should know, that I live in a country almost as flat as a pancake ( if I'm lucky I "climb" hills which is 100 m high )!!
But what should I do, stay with the Muscular Endurance Workouts ( maximum zone 5 a ) , or combine it with the more intense training, even though I'm not getting in to these high intensities/pulslevels during the race?
I'm looking forward to read your thougths.
Have a nice day.

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by hna

Do the high intensity intervals as well

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by HillRPete

You can emulate the climbing cadence and stroke by running 50-11 or harder on the flat, but the efficacy of such "strength endurance" training has been under debate here recently.

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by Fyssen

@hna, ok. Any arguments to support That opinion?
@Wassertreter, I have an old kneeinjury ( jumpersknee ) which still, In some periodes, gives me problems during training, so I don't think training with Big gears, is such a Good idea!

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by ticou

As I said in another thread, simulating mountains on a gym exercise bike on constant hill for around 1 hour, regularly ( 18-19/20 level should be Alpe d'huez on a bad day), with a 5-10 min warm up, works for me, when done for a couple of months, and then 100 mile plus training rides a month or two before, getting up to the 150 milers if your route is flat.

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by darkblue08

If your knee doesnt like big gears, Im not sure La Marmotte is the best of ideer. Then again, no one claimed it was.
If you live in Denmark, find a strong headwind and ride it hard for an hour. You can also find a hilly area like Vejle or Aarhus an ride the hills hard. Long intervals will also help, like 12-30 min. If you have the money, buy a Tacx trainer that can simulate the mountains. The have a simulation of the last 88km of La Marmotte.

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by Fyssen

I rode La Marmotte last year without kneeproblems, but my knees sometimes don't like heavy gears ón the flat and during a spinning-lession ( i only dó spinning In the winter, when it's too cold ). Don't ask me why, but that's how it is. I live In a hilly part of Denmark, so I ride a lot of hills, but they only take max. three minutes to the top, so it's not the same as riding the mountains!!
I must ride against the wind ( which I realt hate!! ).
Thanks for your answer.

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