Omnium training plan.

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by LeePaton

Hello dudes,

I intend on racing track until the Cross season kicks in again and I'm looking for an omnium minded training plan. I've had a search through he and the Web and have been a bit unsuccessful so far. So what I'm asking the great wealth of knowledge that is weight weenies what to do?

I like my training to be very well structured and I like having a surprise plan to follow. So does anyone have a plan? Or if I have too make my own up what should I be looking to do? I weight train three times a week before work but that is more of a whole body thing for vanity, What should I be looking to do here? What miles and types of training should I be doing on the bike most importantly though.


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by SDP

yep ..

use google
find a coach
stick to plan

its impossible to do this from internet

everyone has diff needs & a generic plan may make you worse !

by Weenie

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by Tapeworm

^ this.

Some general points though for the om-nomnomnom-ium. Whilst the flying 250 and kilo may suggest some sort of sprint prowess is key - it is not. Aerobic beasts rule the omnium, a good kick helps but is not essential. Being a "fluent" trackie is essential. With three "time trial" events and three mass starts you have to be able to ride the line well and be versed in track tactic and be uber comfortable riding in a tight bunch. Scratch that - you have to ride the line exceptionally well. Because of the three timed events a few extra meters because of poor lines = loss.

The weights are low down on the priority list for the omnium rider, some have no truck with them at all. If you are doing weights then you want about a 1.8x bodyweight full squat and a 2x BW deadlift (higher is good). Other lifts like power cleans might be useful.... If you are doing anything else in the gym you probably should stop, especially if the words "bicep curl" or "pec flys" are involved.

But yeah, don't expect to find a "plan" floating around on the net. FWIW, Michael Freiburg used Ric Stern as coach to nab his Rainbow Jersey. Ric is excellent, but expect to pay for the quality.
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by gummee

Where are you? There's a couple of great coaches in the Sandy Eggo area (IDK if they coach outside Sandy Eggo): Arnie Baker & Eddy B come to mind first. If not, ask around the local track. I'm fairly sure there's some coaches where you are. :nod

I didn't have a specific 'track training plan' when I was racing in Sandy Eggo, but a steady diet of Tues nite racing, Thurs Fiesta Island Worlds, and easy rides thru the rest of the week did me very well.



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