When would you begin tapering for a big ride?

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by dvelo

I'm currently training for the Gran Fondo NY (May 20) and a recent article about "Surviving the GFNY" had an interesting comment about tapering... and I wanted to get other's opinion.

Basically it says to begin your tapering a full two weeks in advance of your ride. This seemed a little early to me.. If you had a very challenging ride on May 20th, what would the 2 weeks prior to the ride look like?


by Weenie

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by daj

2 weeks prior to an important race?
First a very high intensity week with lots of intensive interval training (or racing, when possible)
Then a relatively easy week with one or two more days off than usual, no high intensity efforts except for an occasional short sprint. I personally like to have a race two days before the event, then a very easy day with lots of carbohydrate loading so I'll be completely charged on the big day.
Just make sure you rest well in the week leading up to the event and get lots of sleep.

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by eric

I'll do the usual rides/races the weekend before the big race. The next week I'll cut back in time and intensity on tuesday and wendsday, take thursday off and do an easy ride with a couple efforts on friday to "open up" the legs for saturday.

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by darkblue08

It depends on the importance compared to the rest of the schedule. The most effective taper for me is 3 weeks. Week 1 and 3 with low volume, intensity the same as the build up. Week 2 close to a build up week. Im always affraid of doing to much in week 2 so i do lower the volume be 10-15%. The second day before the race I rest the day before I do an hour ride with a single threshold and one hill sprint interval.
If you have multiple races I would leave out week 1 and 2.

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