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by steve23

can anyone give me any advice or training tips for a 1 km TT that is mainly uphill to be held on the road?

it is my clubs annual early season HC champs, it starts flat then ramps up. it is won with a time of about 2mins.

any training pointers?


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by darkblue08

Other then the base and ftp training, I would do short intervals of 30 sec a little above the target power of the TT, lots of hill sprints and train a lot on the TT course.

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by Geoff

There are no secrets to those kind of MAP-type efforts. The only way to do them is to ride them repeatedly. From the perspective of training, they will fit-in to your 2-minute and 1-minute Interval plan.

From the perspective of execution, it is all about pacing. If you go out full-out, you will never make it. You need to be disciplined and ride at your MAP pace until the last 300m, then you can let-fly. This is especially true if it us steeper. We have a similar, switchback course where the last 2 ramps average over 12.5%. If you are under-powered there, you will loose a lot of time.

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by Illuminate

Advice - make sure you start the event very very very warmed up.

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by HillRPete

Don't forget to recover after a hard (hill)sprint/interval training session, otherwise you'll run into overtraining before you know. I've found that 2 days a week of interval training is my sweet spot, leaving enough time for recovery- and endurance-rides. If you really want to peak for the short race, maybe you could go up to 3 at the expense of endurance training, but I'd not recommend for longer than a handful weeks. And don't forget to taper before the event.

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by MattSoutherden

Do you have a power meter?

One thing I've found training for these 2-3 minute efforts is that the hardest pacing is in the first minute. You need to go out from the gate hard enough to get up to speed quickly, but not so hard that you burn out all your max power. Then you need to settle down into the next minute at your target power without easing up too much. From analysing my power files I often found that I'd drop down to about 80% of my target power at about the 15 second mark before starting to pick it up again. This is much easier to do if the grade is shallow, as your course is.

When you only have a minute to go, nail it, keep your head up, and try not to close your eyes. :D
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by ajmitchell

1km could be completed in 2minutes with a standing start and as little as 1.5minute with a flying start if low gradient. I suggest you google track training 1km 1000meter pursuit. A quick search shows track cyclists at travelling at 30mph or so, 500watts or more for the 1-2minutes. I appreciate hill climb may be anywhere from 15-25mph. If you are a beginner I would see if you can hold 300 watts for 2minutes. My experience would be if you know your FTP then 2minutes can usually be ridden at almost 50% higher than FTP, maybe 40% for 3minutes. HR based training is little use in 0-3min races in my opinion. Personally I would try for this (assuming 2minutes): vv hard 0-15seconds (up to speed) v hard to 1.30seconds (in sight of finish) then all out to the line. Spending more energy at the start is more efficient as it reduced time spent going slowly (apologies if this is obvious) relatively to overall mean speed.

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by Tapeworm

^ Concur with all of the above except the track kilo training. Despite only being a ~minute longer the hill climb TT would have more in common with a pursuit in terms of energy use than the kilo.
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by steve23

thanks for the tips guys.

i do not have a power meter :( so ive just been going on "feel" as it were.

only a week to go until the race, and i started the week doing 30sec efforts, and have slowly inscreased it to the two mins. im hoping to complete the HC in between 2mins to 2mins 30sec, as the winning time is usually around 2mins 10 or so i am told!

i have also used a range of gears, some efforts being over-geared, some under. just to try and help my legs get used to the hard effort and leg speed.

a week to go, so will prob fit some more hard efforts in until the start of next week, then i will start thinking about rest etc.

really appreciate the advice. thanks

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