energy gelas storage on bike.keeping cold

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by Trdiata

how do you cary energy gels on rides?
i keep my gels in fridge and before ride i put them in back pocket.but after hour or less gels are very warm and disqusting.
any solutions?maybe can i make a tiny alu foil pouch in stre the inside and in back pocket?

and do you think if i put warm gels that i didnt use back in fridge is this bad ?'
tenks for help

by Weenie

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by Singular

First and foremost - keep them away from your body (store them on or in the bike, if possible). Your bike is great at producing heat. Apart from that, have you considered freezing them (for an even lower starting temp)?

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by otoman

Perhaps you could put a small reusable ice pack between your body and the gel in your pocket.
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