Tacx Neo 2T vx. Flux 2: which one has less problems?....

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by TonyM

I have a Neo Gen1 since 2016 and actually everything is working well (apart from the bearing replacement that I just did after approx. 30k).

My wife would like to have also a home trainer now and I am leaning to buy again a Tacx as their app is capable of making my own workouts (for free).
I however always read from the problems with the 2T and the Flux.

So I wanted to have your experience on the quality of the 2T and the Flux 2. Which one has less problems?

by Weenie

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by FIJIGabe

I have a 2T and had a Flux (first gen). I ended up sending my Flux back on a warranty claim and paying the difference to upgrade to the 2T. It's night and day better. The responsiveness to input is quicker, the natural "flex" of the machine (a built-in feature) makes riding much more comfortable and it's generally a much better built machine. It does have its issues, but nothing that would make me want to go back to the Flux.

If you want to do a deep dive on Neo issues, I recommend you visit https://tacxfaqx.com. It's pretty much all documented there.

BTW, the simulated ride experience (for Zwift) is a take-it-or-leave-it experience. I know some like it, others don't, but personally, I think it adds to the riding experience and breaks up some of the monotonous riding conditions that you might experience on some Zwift courses.

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by Dannnnn

As above.
I had 3 first gen Flux and all 3 broke within 10 hours of use so got a cheap upgrade to a Neo 1.

Just from my experience with the flux (where the failures were a design fault) I wouldn't go near them again.

My Neo on the other hand has been flawless. It sits in a dry unheated outbuilding and just works.

At the end of teh day, if they're both brand new then you can't go wrong with either but I'd choose the Neo 2T

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by ms6073

Dannnnn wrote:
Thu Sep 30, 2021 11:27 am
My Neo on the other hand has been flawless. It sits in a dry unheated outbuilding and just works.
Ditto. Started with the Tacx Fortius wheel on trainer which I thought at the time was pretty good, save for the fiddling to achieve correct calibrations. Next came the Tacx Bushido which was portable and worked great for TT and CX race warmups but the design exacerbated the calibration process. A Tacx Genius augmented the trainer stable which from my view was a step back as it increased the setup process by making it pure voodoo to dial in a consistent calibration. Finally came the legacy Tacx Neo, as already mentioned, it just works. Is it as accurate as the SRMs we used to own? Our Neos were within 2-3% but I dont race anymore and dont really care anymore. I have contemplated upgrading to the Neo 2T but considering we use them for 60-120 minuites each week to ride vides onRouvy, not sure I can justify it at this point for fear of incuring a new set of problems. Given that background, if our Legacy Neo's failed today, I would replace them with Neo 2T's by the weekend.
- Michael
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by Omiar

NEO is top of the range model, can't really compare to anything else but they are riddled with overheating issues. Buy from a good retailer and be prepared to use warranty.
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