Protein for recovery on a vegetarian diet

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by Alumen

Nuts and peanuts are the best protein sources if you want to stick to a vegetable origin.

Else of course eggs, yoghurt and fresh cheese !
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by sanrensho

Vegan for two years and I take no protein supplements.

As long as you are eating sufficient calories (not running a calorie deficiency/losing weight) and a balanced diet, I guarantee you are eating sufficient protein already. Track a typical days' worth of eating in Cronometer and see for yourself. RDA is only 0.8 grams per kg (based on ideal weight).

For example, on a typical day, I ate approx. 2,700 calories and 141% of my protein RDA with no supplements or emphasis on protein intake.

Regarding protein intake levels in general:

Also, look up Proteinaholic by Dr. Garth Davis. We are a protein-obsessed society.

by Weenie

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by mentok

+1, 2years vegan. I don't eat a lot of protein rich foods, maybe 1 serve of tofu/tempeh/beans a day, plus lots of veggies and a little bit of fruit.

I also use cronometer. I don't notice any correlation between protein intake and short term recovery so I don't see the point in supplementing more. Sleep, carb intake and hydration are fast more important and have noticeable impacts upon my recovery.

Fwiw, I do an average of 18hrs a week on the bike and eat about 4000cals a day.

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by Robcrx

Awesome supplements vegan protein. Taste is incredible too

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