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by Superlite

I'd like to make a suggestion to the site for new members. Every time we get a new member they will ask a question that has been asked a million times over. We should make a "rule" that you do a search for the thing you have a question for, and then after doing the search if you can't find what your looking for then make a post. Anyone agree with me on this? I guess it's not that much of a problem now, but as the comunity continues to grow it will be. Just a thought.

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by Frankie - B


The business is constantly evolving, idea's change. Give the new member a link to what he is looking for, and if he want's to know more, he will ask.
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by Knut

Make all the rules you want to - it won't really help - simply because the persons that don't search themselves will most probably be the same persons that don't read the rules - simple... A friendly "if you do a search you'll turn up with these links" usually works... :) Those who don't understand that hint are beyond reach anyways! :wink:

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by polaris you seem to have written most of the posts couldn't we ask everyone to just ask you? :wink:
.....but it still has to work!

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